Water Treatment Chemicals

Dexterous Engineering is the Authorized Supplier of Buckman Asia Pacific PTE LTD., Thermax Ltd., Acuro Orgnics Ltd. & Bluwat Chemicals in Bangladesh with 10 years of experience in Industrial Water Treatment. We provide the latest technologies and vigorous service to our client to satisfy them in all directions. Our products are world quality product, our services are also best in Bangladesh. We use software to monitor our system condition. We provide you online solution instantly. we connected to innovative technology, in depth chemistry experience & highly trained expert to bring your success at industry. We’re all focused on helping your operation improve productivity, increase profitability and ensure safety, compliance and sustainability.

Authorized Stockiest for Water Treatment & Performance Chemicals

Chemical FeatureManufacturer
Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for Boiler/Cooling WaterBuckman
Condensate Polisher & O2 Scavenger for Boiler Buckman
Bio-Dispersant for Cooling WaterBuckman
Biocide for Cooling Water/RO Plant/Swimming PoolBuckman/Acuro
Corrosion Inhibitor for Chilled & Jacket WaterBuckman
Antiscalant for RO MembraneBuckman
FRC Scavenger for RO MembraneAcuro
PH Booster for RO PlantAcuro
CIP (Cleaning) Chemicals for RO PlantBuckman
Fuel Oil AdditivesBuckman/Thermax
Flushing Chemical for Boiler/Chiller/GeneratorThermax
Polyelectrolyte for WTP, ETP & WWTPThermax/Acuro/Bluwat
De-Coloring Agent for WTP, ETP & WWTP Thermax/Acuro/Bluwat
BOD-COD Reduction ChemicalAcuro
De-Foamer for WTP, ETP & WWTP Acuro
PAC for WTP, ETP & WWTP Bluwat
Ferrous/Ferric Sulphate for WTP, ETP & WWTP Bluwat