Vapor Absorption Chiller

We are the authorized sales & service provider of THERMAX LTD., INDIA for Vapor Absorption Chiller with  Specialised applications such as inlet air-cooling with Thermax chillers are improving output and productivity in power, petrochemical and power industries.  Thermax chillers integrate well with efficient energy setups such as co-generation and combined heating, cooling and power (CHPC) systems. As they do not use harmful refrigerants like CFCs, these eco-friendly systems are the natural choice for green energy planners. 

Authorized Channel Partner of Thermax Ltd., India

We offers Lithium Bromide absorption machines as a cost effective alternative to electricity-driven compression chillers. Our VAMs (vapor absorption machines) are extensively used in a variety of industries as well as commercial buildings for process-cooling and air conditioning.

Thermax VAMs (vapor absorption machines) are designed to be driven by a variety of heat sources – steam, hot water, gas/liquid fuels, exhaust gases or a combination of these fuels. These machines offer an outlet temperature of 1ºC with water and up to -5ºC with brine, a rare feat in the industry.

We also offer Ammonia VAMs (vapor absorption machines) and Hybrid chillers for sub-zero applications, which are driven by multi-fuels like steam, hot water, engine exhaust and gaseous fuels.

With our vast experience of customizing VAMs (vapor absorption machines) for varied applications and an in-depth understanding of varied fuels, we have established our credentials with over 200 installations in Bangladesh. We are proud to be the only company in the world to offer absorption based cooling and heating solutions for temperature profile ranging from -40ºC to 160ºC.

Now we are singularly focused on improving absorption technology from the twin angles of reliability and efficiency. Our expertise in integrating energy systems to provide total solution to the customer gives us the cutting-edge over other players.


Product NameCooling CapacityDriving Energy
Triple Effect Chillers100-1000 TRSteam or Hot Water
Steam Fired Chiller50-3500 TRSteam
Hot Water Driven Chiller10-3500 TRHot Water
Direct Fuel Fired Chiller50-1550 USRTNG, LPG, CNG, HSD
Exhaust Fired Chiller50-2500 RTExhaust
Multi Energy Driven Chiller100-3500 RTCombined Source