Dexterous Engineering has grown to become one of the most preferred privately-owned engineering firm by Supplying & manufacturing superior, innovative, customer specific products and services. Our engineering and technical expertise combined with exceptional qualities and continuous focus on customer satisfaction put us at the forefront of Heating, Cooling, Power & Water Treatment business sector in Bangladesh since 2002.

Our products, which have required certification to meet the highest quality standards so that they can be used reliably for their intended purpose. Our sales offices located in all major markets around the country make us the right partner for your industrial cooling, heating, power & water treatment segment.

Through our competent contact persons we are able to provide a first- class service around the country. Our local employees have the necessary in depth product and application knowledge to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.


Committed to Provide Environment Friendly Energy Efficient Solutions.


  • Better Ways To Conserve Resources To Run Mills Cleaner, Faster & At a Lower Total Cost.
  • Reduce Risks, Keep Operation in Compliance & Operate in Environmental Responsible Way.
  • Customized Product to Enhance Customer Ultimate Product Attributes.
  • To Be More Sustainable for Building Company Value By Reducing Environmental Impact.