Centrifugal & Screw Chiller

We are the authorized sales & service provider of Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited, INDIA Our TURBOLEV® series of chillers uses and adapts the principle of magnetic levitation to suit the chiller application. Magnetic levitation, already a proven technology in aerospace, oil and gas exploration and transportation applications, is combined with variable speed centrifugal compression and supported by digital electronics to run the compressor without any contact between the rotating dynamic and static parts, allowing the compressor to operate in a friction-less environment so as to achieve the highest possible efficiencies. Centrifugal compression offers substantially higher isentropic efficiency compared with other compressor designs. Used most effectively in a centrifugal compressor, a variable-speed drive further enhances part-load efficiency. The combination of this technology with magnetic levitation results in a machine with an unparalleled bouquet of benefits including extremely quiet operation, very high efficiency and no need for lubrication.

Authorized Channel Partner of Kirloskar Chillers Pvt Ltd., India

Our Screw Chillers use Kirloskar Twin Screw Compressors manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune. These chillers provide Industry-leading performance in terms of energy efficiency at full load & part load conditions, combined with proactive logic control results in extremely low life cycle cost. The performance of these chillers complies with Green Building & ECBC requirements, and will also comply with the upcoming BEE Star Labelling Program for chillers. Apart from typical water chillers, we also offer several heat recovery options for applications requiring hot water, including Partial Heat Recovery (Desuperheaters), Total Heat Recovery and Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps.

Summarized Product Information:

Model NameChiller TypeCapacitySpecial Note
TurbotekCentrifugal200-2400 TR
TurbolevCentrifugal 400-1200 TRSingle Compressor
TurbolevCentrifugal 94-612 TRDouble Compressor
ProdigyScrew50-560 TRWater Cooled
ProdigyScrew43-449 TRAir Cooled