Condensate Recovery System

We offer Steam operated positive displacement pump with no moving parts to recover the condensate at the feed tank to increase the feed water temperature hence decreasing the ultimate fuel consumption at Boiler. CRS Designed as per ASME section VIII div 1 – conformance to international standard ensures quality design and longer life.

We also offers flash steam recovery vessel which Generates low pressure flash steam. This is Adequately sized to minimize pressure drop & Designed with optimum separation velocity to get dry steam.

Atmospheric De-Aerator with Immersion Tube Designed to remove dissolved gases and oxygen from feed water by proper mixing of condensate, flash steam and cold make up. This actually Liberates dissolved gases and oxygen. One of the cost effective solution of dissolve oxygen removal from boiler feed water. Thermal de-aeration of feed water by efficient mixing of condensate, flash steam and make up water which is Complete SS construction.

Authorized Channel Partner of Thermax Ltd., India

Complete Condensate & Flash Steam Recovery System